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There are NO rats available at this time!


There is currently a lot of understandable concern going around about the Seoul Hantavirus. It is important that people educate themselves about this potential risk, and remember that there have been very few cases compared to the number of homes with rats and people in contact with rats. To our knowledge our rattery is isolated from this virus, as we have not taken in or adopted out any rats in well over a year, we do not attend shows, take our rats out to public places, etc. Our rats have only left our rattery in the past year in the case of Planet having an emergency visit to the vet where she passed away, and had a full necropsy, histopathology, culture, and serology done on her (and was not found to have any troubling results.) As such it is highly unlikely that our rattery is at all connected with the reported cases of the Seoul virus. That said, we are monitoring the situation closely as we are always concerned about potential health issues that could affect us or our rats.

For more information on the Seoul Virus and the situation in Illinois, I recommend checking with the CDC and IDPH.
CDC Article on general hantaviruses:"
IDPH Article on the current Seoul Virus situation:


Our website information is not up to date, and we apologize for that! We will be working on updating our residents, litters, and planned litters pages soon. However, we don't currently have any babies available for adoption. We are not likely to have any available babies until summer at the earliest. We apologize to those who are waiting, but we can only work with what nature provides us.

Also, don't forget that there are rats in shelters and rescues who need loving homes! The local shelter regularly gets rats in (they even recently had an adorable litter come in that they placed out. Their website is here:

Remember to adopt in at least pairs! If you don't find what you want here, there are plenty of other rescues out there, check out!

We have test results from our 2016 annual IDEXX-RADIL blood test available. Click here to see the test results, as well as results from previous tests.

Please check our planned litters page for information on potential upcoming litters, read our policies page for information on adopting from us, and fill out our adoption application if you are interested in getting rats from us! Also check our links page for links to other breeders we recommend, as well as rescues.

You can now follow us on facebook by "liking" our Moonlit Waters Rattery page. We will post pictures and updates there, as well as on the website.

About us...

My name is Beth, I'm a CVT and I live with my husband in Champaign, Illinois, where we have our small rattery in our home. While we are just starting up as a rattery, I have been keeping pet rats for over 18 years, and have been actively involved in the rat community, and interacting with several excellent breeders for many years. With their guidance and support we will be starting a journey to produce our own lines of sweet, healthy rats.

Please read our Policies page for information on our adoption process, breeding policies, etc. Check out our Info tab to learn more about our rattery set up, our lines, how we make our selections, and other things about us.

Our primary focus will always be on exceptional temperament and healthy animals first, as these are far more important than any particular color, coat, or ear type. However, we do have varieties we hope to focus on within those goals. We will be striving towards producing Agouti rats with preference for saturated red and black colors in satin and satin rex coats, with dumbo ears, and Fawn rats focusing on the vibrant red-orange coloring in satin and satin-rex coats and dumbo ears. We will have other dilutes, ear, and coat types show up from time to time as recessives carried in the lines are brought out, and outcrosses bring in other types, but our goal is to mainly produce Agouti and Fawn rats, as well as work on the development of the satin-rex coat.

Our rats will always be a part of our family first, and breeders second, and any animal born here will always have a home with us if necessary for their entire lives. We seek out medical attention from qualified exotics veterinarians whenever needed for the sake of our animals, and will not cull healthy animals or overbreed our rats. We believe that quality is always better than quantity, and will work to have that be reflected in our actions and our animals. Please stick around to watch us grow and develop!


Also check out and read through this page on Breeder 'Red Flags' or the signs to tell you if someone may not be a good, responsible breeder. Its a very well written page and has tons of important things to consider to make sure you get your animals from someone who is doing the right thing, and breeding for the sake of improving the animals, rather than someone who isn't on the right track, or may be in it for less favorable reasons. You should use these guidelines to help you develop and idea of what sort of person you want to work with to get your new rats. Every breeder you ever work with should be evaluated using guidelines like these, even if they are recommended by someone who seems good themselves, to make sure they fit the profile of someone who you want to work with and trust.

For anyone out there who thinks that breeding any animal sounds like a good way to make some extra money, please take some time to read this page on the Average Profit/Loss On a Litter. It was published by the AKC in reference to dogs, but the same idea can be applied to any animal, especially animals requiring not just basic care but also socialization time, such as rats. It is an eye opener for many people who don't necessarily consider all the cost in time and money that is involved in breeding and raising a litter.

Moonlit Waters Rattery is a proud member of Rat Fanciers of the Lakes, working under the United Rat Standards Affiliation


Moonlit Waters Rattery registers all our rats with North American Rat Registry


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