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About Me

My name is Beth, and I am a new breeder, and am currently, and will continue to be, learning, researching, and gaining skills to help me become a responsible, ethical breeder. I have owned rats for most of the past decade, and on and off for many years before that. I am actively involved in the rat owning community, and during its time was a member, on the board of directors, and secretary of the Northern Illinois Rat Organization, attending shows and talking to breeders to learn more about these wonderful animals. I am currently a member of Rat Fanciers of the Lakes, a great group of ethical breeders who I am happy to know and have the opportunity to learn from and work with.

I am a Certified Veterinary Technician, who has graduated from an accredited program, and passed my national board exams. I intend to try to focus my continuing education requirements on exotics, pocket pets, and wildlife. My husband and I own our home in Champaign, IL, and we share it with a variety of pets. Animals have always been a big part of my life, and a passion of mine, and I enjoy getting to share my life with them and let them teach me about them, as well as doing research to learn as much as possible from other sources. I hope to eventually also get into wildlife rehabilitation, as well as falconry and doing educational programs with birds of prey, as well as with various pets. I have taken various seminars and similar programs to learn more about the care, needs, and work involved in rehabilitation and handling birds of prey and other animals, and have spent summers assisting with an educational program using raptors, helping to handle, train, and fly them. While many of these animals are very difference, the basics of being patient, consistent, devoted, observant, and constantly learning and keeping up with new information can be applied to every part of life, including raising healthy, loving pet rats.

Vet Tech

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