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BVR Baliper

BVR Baliper
BVR Baliper
NARR: 14BVR0032/01NM
Nickname: Baliper
Color: Mink
Ears: Dumbo
Coat: Satin
Markings: Self
Carries: Russian blue. D.O.B. 05/28/14
Litter Page: BVR Lankiviel x BVR Buffy
Breeding Status:Pet Only
Show Results: Not yet shown
Notes:Baliper is a sweet guy who loves to say hi and get scritches. He originally came here on the way to a new home, but they couldn't take him, and a second attempt at homing didn't work out due to allergies. Rather than juggle him and his buddies around again we decided to keep them here, where we get to enjoy how awesome they are!

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